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Aluminium Extrusions for LED Strips

Manufacturer: Lite Tech by Sycamore

Aluminium extrusion profiles to house LED strips

Shallow aluminium profile for LED strips
1m Shallow Surface Mounted Extrusion SY9573/1M
Manufacturer part number: SY9573/1M
2 metre shallow profile for LED strips
2m Shallow Surface Mounted Extrusion SY9573/2M
Manufacturer part number: SY9573/2M
1 metre recessed profile with diffuser for uniformed look
1m Recessed Extrusion (incl diffuser & end caps) SY7388A
Manufacturer part number: SY7388A
Recessed diffused aluminium profile
2m Recessed Extrusion (incl diffuser & end caps) SY7392A
Manufacturer part number: SY7392A
Surface profile to keep LED strip tidy
1m Surface Mounted Extrusion SY7367
Manufacturer part number: SY7367
Surface mounted profile to keep LED strips neat and hide spots
2m Surface Mounted Extrusion (incl diffuser & end caps) SY7482
Manufacturer part number: SY7482
Angled profile with diffuser to create a sleek look
1m Angled Extrusion (incl diffuser & end caps) SY7389A
Manufacturer part number: SY7389A
2 metre angled profile with diffuser
2m Angled Extrusion (incl diffuser & end caps) SY7409A
Manufacturer part number: SY7409A