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Shop our range of lighting and electrical accessories from switches & sockets to drivers & cables.

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1.5m Mains Cable with Stripped Ends SY9553A

Price: £1.10

100mm 2pin Distributor Cable, Screws & 6 x U Brackets SY7960

Price: £1.99

100mm 4pin Distributor Cable for LED Strip (From Block to Strip) SY7485A

Price: £2.20

12 Way Distribution Block SY7637

Price: £1.95

1m Link Cable SY9556

Price: £1.70

1m Mains Cable with Euro Plug SY9553EURO

Price: £1.40

1m Mains Cable with UK Plug SY7496

Price: £3.20

2 Way Capella Distribution Block SY7754

Price: £2.50

2m 2pin Distributor Cable SY7758A

Price: £2.30

2m Extension Lead For Use With 12V Lights & Power Converters SY7183

Price: £0.80

2pin 100mm Corner Cable SY7954

Price: £2.50

2pin 1m Bridge Cable SY7956

Price: £4.50

2pin 2m Bridge Cable SY7957

Price: £4.85

2pin 500mm Bridge Cable SY7955

Price: £3.10

2pin Corner Connector for LED Strip SY7912

Price: £1.20

2pin Straight Connector for 3.6W Per Metre LED Strip SY7913

Price: £1.00

3m Link Cable SY9325

Price: £2.99

500mm Connecting Cable for Tablet Style Light SY7964

Price: £1.50

500mm Link Cable SY9324

Price: £1.70

5m Extension Lead SY7183/5

Price: £1.80

6 Way Capella Distribution Block SY7753

Price: £4.50

Cable Tidy 260mm SY7911

Price: £0.90

Corner Reconnection SY8978

Price: £3.00

Distribution Cable for Reconnection SY7944

Price: £4.30

Fixed Corner L Connector SY9025

Price: £2.40

Reconnection Clamp with 2m Cable/Plug SY8977A

Price: £2.20

SY7341A 100mm Corner Cable for LED Strips

Price: £3.00

SY7342A 500mm Bridge Cable for LED Strip

Price: £3.30

SY7343A 1m Bridge Cable for LED Strip

Price: £4.95

2pin Y Splitter SY7959

Price: £5.25