4 Zone RGB Remote & Receiver Control Kit SY7598A

Colour changing remote control
Manufacturer part number: SY7598A
Manufacturer: Lite Tech
£45.00 incl tax

Our new 4 RGB Zone dimming remote control unit allows you to control the colours of our RGB LED strip. The remote is 4 channel which enables one remote control to control 4 different areas/zones.
It transmits on Radio Frequency (up to an impressive 20 metres) so your receivers can be out of sight, for example behind plinths or on top of cabinets. Dimming is achieved with simple installation, and also allows you to switch your lighting on and off with a remote control. The unit requires 2 x AAA batteries which are included


Remote Control Features

– Thousands of colour options available
– The ability to hold onto a single colour
– Fully dim the brightness of a single colour
– It's memory holds onto the last colour/setting you has switched on when you switch the power of/off
– Auto change with full user control of the speed
– Fade between colours
– Flash between colours
– Jump between colours

Additional receiver available here