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LED Bulbs

Looking to cut down on your electricity bills? Browse our extensive range of energy saving LED bulbs, available in a variety of sizes and caps.

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Crompton LED Candle 3.5W SES Warm White 3484

Energy saving LED Candle
Price: £4.00

Crompton LED G4 Capsule 2W Cool White 7109

Price: £3.10

Crompton LED GU10 3W SMD Warm White LGU103WWSMD

Price: £2.25
RRP: £2.75

Crompton LED GU10 4W COB Cool White LGU104CWCOB

Price: £2.99

Crompton LED GU10 4W COB Warm White LGU104WWCOB

Price: £2.99

Crompton LED R50 3W SES Daylight LEDR50SES3DL

Price: £3.00

Crompton LED R50 4.5W SES Warm White 3958

Price: £3.99

Crompton LED R50 5W SES Warm White LR505WW

Price: £3.99

Dimmable LED Candle Lamp 4W Warm White BC/SES

Price: From £8.00

LED G9 2.5W Cool White 3422

Price: £3.30

LED G9 2.5W Warm White 3415

Price: £3.30

LED G9 2W Warm White V-TAC 7337

Price: £1.99

LED Long Barrel GU10 3.5W Cool White 4573

Price: £4.65

LED Long Barrel GU10 3.5W Warm White 4566

Price: £4.65

LED PAR38 Blue Bulb 13W 4528

Price: £10.88

LED PAR38 Green Bulb 13W 4535

Price: £10.88

LED PAR38 Red Bulb 13W 4504

Price: £10.88

Manor Range LED Candle 3W Satin Glass in SBC Cap

Price: £6.20

LED R39 3W SES Natural White 4000K V-TAC 4220

Price: £1.60

LED R39 3W SES Warm White 2700K V-TAC 4219

Price: £1.60